Meet the Officers

Our Lodge operates with volunteers who run special projects and events. Officers are nominated for their positions and voted on by our membership. Some positions are appointed by the Exalted Ruler. Committees are chosen by both appointment and member request to be involved. For more information from any Officer or Committee, follow the appropriate links to contact us by phone, email, or social media.

Who Are the Elks?

The National Order spends more than $80,000,000 every year for benevolent, educational and patriotic community-minded programs to benefit such causes as special needs children, Elks National Foundation scholarships, scouting, athletics, veterans' works, a national "Hoop Shoot" free-throw contest involving more than 3 million children, physical and occupational therapy programs and patriotic programs.

The youth of our country have always been important to the Order. It is for this reason the Elks Drug Awareness Education Program was launched to warn primary grade students and their parents of the dangers in drug use. Additionally, every lodge observes June 14th as Flag Day, a tradition which the Elks began in 1907 and was later adopted by the Congress as an official observance.

The Order is a non-political, non-sectarian and strictly American fraternity. Proposal for membership in the Order is only by invitation of a member in good standing. To be accepted as a member, one must be an American citizen, believe in God, be of good moral character and be at least 21 years old.

For more information on what we do, or to join our Lodge, stop by anytime! You can also get in touch with us through one of our contact forms or reach out to any of our officers. Our members are friendly and gracious and will be happy to help answer your questions and direct you to the right resources.

Dave Williams

Exalted Ruler

The Exalted Ruler is the Executive Officer of the Lodge who presides at all meetings and has general supervision over all matters pertaining to the Lodge. The emblem of the station of the Exalted Ruler is Fidelity.

Danette Contras

Esteemed Leading Knight

The Esteemed Leading Knight assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his duties and officiates for him in his absence. The emblem of the station of the Esteemed Leading Knight is charity.

Joseph Mager III

Esteemed Loyal Knight

The Esteemed Loyal Knight assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his duties. The emblem of the station of the Esteemed Loyal Knight is Justice.

Jeff Miller

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

The Esteemed Lecturing Knight assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his duties. The emblem of the station of the Esteemed Lecturing Knight is Brotherly Love.

David Field, PDD


The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings, maintains membership records of the Lodge, receives all monies due to the Lodge, informs applicants for membership of acceptance or rejection, notifies all committee appointees, prepares periodic reports to the Grand Lodge, and performs all duties required by the Local Forum.

Tracy Williams


It is the duty of the Treasurer to receive all Lodge moneys, give receipt therefor, handle all funds of all Committees of every activity of the Lodge, pay bills against the Lodge, and keep accurate accounting of all Lodge incomes and expenses.

Ronald Fountaine


It is the duty of the Esquire to organize the Lodge, examine and introduce candidates and visiting Members, superintend confidential work and ballots for initiation and affiliation, and transmit official messages within the Lodge. In all public displays by the Lodge, the Esquire officiates as Marshal.

Nancy Brennan PER


It is the duty of the Tiler to attend at the outer door of the Lodge at all its meetings and permit no person to enter without being satisfied of his right to do so.

Ric Brennan


The Chaplain leads the Lodge in prayer.

Thomas Hessberger

Inner Guard

The Inner Guard shall perform all duties as required by confidential work and Laws of the Order.

Jeff Hall, PER

Trustees Chairman

The Trustees Chairman oversees the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall have control of the funds, investments, and property of the Lodge, and shall execute all leases, contracts, and peppers necessary in the premises when authorized.

Susan Bernor PER

Past Exalted Ruler

Past Exalted Rulers continue to serve their Lodge and its members even after their term is finished. They provide knowledge and support for new officers and serve as a advisor to the Lodge.

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