Join Milford Elks at September 11th memorial

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April 25, 2021
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October 3, 2021

Join Milford Elks at September 11th memorial

The city of Milford will remember the events of September 11th 2001 on Saturday with a ceremony of song and prayer at the September 11th Monument on the grounds of City Hall. Chief Doug Edo will mark the 20th anniversary of this tragic day by sounding the Fire Department’s Memorial Bell at 8:46 am.  Milford remembers residents Michael Miller, Avnish Patel and Seth Morris who perished in the attacks 20 years ago.

ER Dave invites all Elks & anyone in community to come to this public event.  If you have one, we ask that all members to wear a shirt with elks logo on it that best represents our lodge.

For those who cannot attend the ceremony may wish to visit memorial sites around town including the Memorial Garden at Live Oaks Elementary, Flight 93 Heroes Park along the Housatonic River and the monument at Fire Station 7 on Wheelers Farm Road that displays a portion of the actual steel structure from the World Trade Center.

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